The North Ledbury also have a parquet dance floor for hire which we will supply, lay, and remove after your event. This is a professional type as used by the Strictly Come Dancing production at various venues and comprises interlocking sections and edging so that it cannot 'drift' apart. The standard floor size is 15' x 15' but can be smaller or up to 21' x 21'. A fairly smooth level surface is needed and must be under cover but it can be laid on lawn, etc., by using the additional plywood sheets underneath.


The Marquee

The North Ledbury Hunt have a 60' x 40' (18m x 12m) marquee available for hire with the option of various accessories. We can erect it for you - or with your help if you have manpower available - and take it away after your event. This is a traditional marquee, therefore you will need suitable level ground to accept 'tent pegs' and an area large enough for guy ropes.

Prices will depend on location but are very competitive.