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North Ledbury Tips for Mounted Followers

Never ride ahead of the Field Master unless requested to do so and return to your place in the field after you have completed any task requested of you.

Offer to help and take your turn with gates, etc., and do not move off until everyone is safely mounted.

Remember that other horses may become agitated, and their riders annoyed, by 'thrusters' who push their way through the field unnecessarily.

Turn your horse towards Hounds, Hunt Staff or others that may need to pass by you.

Have consideration for cars not following the Hunt that wish to pass. They may have urgent business to attend to.

Leave at least a horse's length between your horse and any horse you may be following.

Ensure that you listen to any instructions and pass them on to others who may not have heard them.

Do arrive at the Meet before Hounds and Masters and introduce yourself with 'Good Morning Master' and say 'Thank you and Good Night Master' on leaving.

Be polite and courteous to everyone, whether on foot or horseback, and acknowledge farmers and landowners over whose land we may be hunting.

Under 14s MUST be accompanied by a suitable adult.

Red tail ribbons do not entitle your horse to kick!  Please keep it at the back of the field out of harm's way.

You are responsible for your horse's behaviour. Good manners by you and your horse will make the day more enjoyable for you and those around you!

Have a nice day.